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We provide expert advice, stand up for you, take responsibilities and protect your interests in the best possible way. You have one contact person for all your concerns: your lawyer at RF.

About Us

We take over the case management function, know your concerns, know which experts we need to call on from our extensive network and thus enable you to have a one-stop-shop solution of the highest quality. The international coordination of your concerns, the maintenance of confidentiality and discretion even with expert opinions, ensuring the best possible legal advice – this all lays in the responsibility of your attorney with RF. We want to relieve you of legal issues and provide you with solutions so that you can focus on your main activity and know that your interests are protected without you having to take care of coordination, finding experts or comparing and collecting information. You have one attorney, the person you trust, and they find the relevant questions and solve them for you.


RF covers extensive in-house experience and knowledge in various legal areas (practice area). If necessary, we call in internationally renowned experts and colleagues from our network for all legal areas. We have consistently gained positive experience with these colleagues over many years of cooperation. We know who you need for which question and thus guarantee legal expertise from internationally recognized specialists in their field. The overall view of the case remains with your RF attorney. You will be professionally looked after, informed and involved by your partner as far as this is requested or desired.

Since we know your case in detail and coordinate it, we are extremely efficient in cooperating with our colleagues and at all time keep an overview of all areas of your request. All parties involved are instructed by one single source, your attorney, your partner. This applies to consulting mandates as well as to forensic work in court and with authorities. And of course, you enjoy the same service if we can provide all services for you in-house.


Attorney-at-law Anna Fischer founded the law firm RF and now signs responsible as Managing Partner. Ms. Fischer completed an Executive Master in Art Market Studies (EMAMS) from the University of Zurich in 2023. She has expanded her profound knowledge in the field of art trade and was also able to expand the law firm's network through the alumni. With the LL.M. in International Criminal Law from the University of Bern (SCIP, 2015), Ms. Fischer demonstrates her expertise in commercial criminal law. She was admitted to the bar in Bern and is admitted to the bar of Zurich for all Switzerland, and represents clients in court and before authorities. Ms. Fischer advises companies and private individuals on both legal and strategic issues. She has broad experience in the field of management consulting and long-standing clients from the finance/insurance, art, international trade sectors and transport.

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Area of expertise

As a troubleshooter, we take up your case in a non-binding initial meeting. We will inform you about the possibilities, the legal situation, and our services. If we cannot take on a case, due to a conflict of interest or specific expertise, we will refer you to qualified colleagues.

If you choose RF, you will receive a binding proposal with all milestones and a respective cost estimate. We offer flat-rate fees as well as mandates based on hourly rates. You will be informed periodically about progress, the achievement of milestones and costs. You don't have to take care of the case, we do. You will receive a mobile number from the attorney responsible for you, which gives you the opportunity of a stable and immediate contact.

Our in-house expertise covers the following areas of law


Put your case in our hands and we will personally stand up for your rights.


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